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Our Holistic Goals

Sustainability Goals

While carrying out its activities with a perspective of effectiveness and efficiency, our organisation focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, which were established globally to eliminate poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people live in peace and prosperity.

  • Climate change and energy management,
  • Resource management; all resources including water and waste management
  • Working environment and employee satisfaction,
  • Diversity and equal opportunities,
  • Social responsibility and accessibility,
  • R & D and innovation studies,
  • Stakeholder relations and rights of local communities
  • Fight against corruption,


                       Focus Area                                              Purpose

Combating Climate Change and Energy Management

Identify greenhouse gas sources, manage resources effectively, prepare and verify greenhouse gas report, fully comply with ACI ACA programme, participate in 2050 Net Zero decarbonisation commitment. Generating energy from renewable sources, using Green recipe energy, developing energy saving programmes,

Resource Management-Waste Management

To ensure the sustainable use of natural resources, to reduce waste production at the source, to bring the resulting waste back into the economy. To comply with Zero Waste Management requirements.

Occupational Health and Safety - Employee Satisfaction

Preparing a suitable working environment (physical and psychological), assessing risks and developing action plans to protect the employee and the business. To implement Law No. 6331 and ISO 45001 standard requirements effectively. To ensure employee happiness. To take measures for the health and safety of the communities affected by the activities.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

To develop a corporate culture that respects differences, opposes discrimination and supports disadvantaged groups. Adopting a fair culture.

Pollution Prevention and Water Usage

Establishing measurement, monitoring and testing systems for the prevention of water, soil and air pollution, determining all systems and processes for this purpose. To make water management.

Social Responsibility,


To ensure social development, to protect cultural assets, to support sports activities and education, to support disadvantaged groups, to sponsor and donate to social projects.

Innovation and Digitalisation

Developing collaborations by following the use of technological systems, digital transformation and sectoral developments with innovative approaches. To develop customer experiences that save convenience, comfort and time for customers.

Stakeholder Engagement and Management of Impact on Local Communities 

To make a stakeholder engagement plan, to determine the impact on the communities affected by our activities, to take measures to eliminate the impact, and to minimise the impact if it cannot be eliminated. Establishing a grievance and demand mechanism, keeping the community informed.


To determine and announce the rules of ethical behaviour, and to ensure agreement on compliance with all employees and suppliers.


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