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Parking Operating Rules

  • Parking fees are collected based on the entry and exit times of the vehicles in the parking operation and pricing system. Vehicles that do not present their parking card / ticket upon exit will be charged based on the entry time to the parking facilities.
  • The monthly subscription period covers a 30-day period from the first entrance and without exit. In case of multipleentries and exits in the mountly Subsciption application, the fee in the table is applied with a 25% increase. All subsciptions must be made within the first tree hour from the parking lot entrance time. 
  • Those who wash vehicles or dispose of waste from vehicles in the parking lots will be charged with a 100% surcharge based on the duration of their stay.
  • After payment is made, if the vehicle does not exit the parking lot within 20 minutes, the time exceeding 20 minutes will be charged according to the tariff.
  • For parking exceeding 24 hours without a subscription,for the full-day charge (12-24 hours charges) specified in the tables must be paid and for the remaing hours, hourly charge found by dividing the full day charge to 24 and multiplying the value found with the exceeding hours must be paid.
  • Our domestic terminal open parking area is free for the first 15 minutes from the parking entrance.
  • Vehicles must be parked within the marked lines and in a straight manner.
  • There is no free passage time in the international terminal parking lots.

The tariff conditions are not applied under the following conditions:

  • Vehicles of public institutions and organizations within the general budget listed in the "State Organization Information Bank" of the State Personnel Presidency, special budget institutions, regulatory and supervisory authorities, social security institutions, local governments, and private budget institutions other than those covered by Law No. 5018 (including vehicles leased through service procurement) and Diplomatic plated vehicles (up to a maximum of 2 hours each time).
  • Vehicles driven by/hosting persons with physical disabilities and veterans, including 1st degree relatives of the families of the veterans, (up to maximum 15 days each time), only if submitting the documents 
  • Private vehicles of first-degree relatives of martyrs (up to a maximum of 15 days each time).
  • Private vehicles used by DHMI personnel (including retirees).


  • The procedures for accrual, invoicing, and collection of the fees specified in this tariff are carried out in accordance with the legislation of the airport/terminal operator.
  • Parking fees are collected on-site in the payment points within the parking facility, either in cash or by credit card.
  • Monthly subscription fees are collected in advance at the beginning of the subscription.
  • The prices in the tariff include VAT.
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