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Our Commitments

FTA Sustainability Commitments

It is a reality that there is a paradoxical situation between Civil Aviation activities and climate change prevention activities. Because on the one hand, while trying to reduce CO2 emissions, on the other hand, efforts are being made to increase travelling by air. For this purpose, it is aimed to build modern airports, to increase the capacities of the existing ones, to increase the aircraft fleets of airlines and to develop other interactive sectors accordingly. This development and expansion leads to increased consumption of water, electricity, fossil fuels, rapid depletion of food and increased waste. It will be possible to reduce the effects of this paradoxical situation with a "sustainable approach".

Fraport TAV has taken important decisions and initiated practices within the framework of sustainability approach. For this purpose, an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) including ISO 14001, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Performance Standards has been established, environmental impact dimension assessment has been conducted, and environmental and social activities monitoring plans and programmes have been completed.  In addition, it has prepared a parallel commitment to the "Net Zero Carbon-2050" decarbonisation target set within the scope of the Paris Climate Change Agreement (2015). This commitment includes the compliance of all activity results with Environmental Sustainability.  

Energy saving measures, energy generation with the fuel with the lowest global warming potential (GWP), energy procurement plan from sustainable sources, effective management of all wastes including hazardous wastes, environmental awareness trainings, social responsibility activities, chimney emission measurements, regular laboratory analyses and ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) programme practices can be listed as examples of the activities carried out within the scope of environmental sustainability.  This programme has been implemented since 2010 and ACI-ACA Level 3+ certificate has been obtained. As a result of these efforts, a total of 120.446 tCO2e Scope 1-2 emissions were offset between 2014 and 2021. In addition, Scope 3 emissions were reduced by a total of 129,916 tCO2e between 2011-2021 with additional projects.

Within the scope of the Capacity Expansion Project, important investments that will be addressed in this context include the suitability of building designs for minimum energy consumption (in accordance with LEED certification standards), the use of technological systems, solar energy generation, green energy supply, planning to ensure traffic flow in aircraft operation areas and reliable aviation fuel (SAF) infrastructure.
Through the above-mentioned activities, our organisation remains committed to effectively combating the climate change crisis and supporting the sustainability approach for a better environment.

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