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Domestic Departures

Domestic Departures

Anahtar kelime
Zaman aralığı
Uçuş No
PC/PGT 201729.09.2020PEGASUSPEGASUSİst-Sabiha Gökçen17:30324-328DKalktı
XQ/SXS 771229.09.2020SUNEXPRESSSUNEXPRESSDiyarbakır17:50310-313DKapı Kapalı
TK/THY 752729.09.2020TURKISH AIRLINESTURKISH AIRLINESİst-Sabiha Gökçen18:0019:30303-308DKapıya Çağrı
XQ/SXS 929329.09.2020SUNEXPRESSSUNEXPRESSİzmir19:00315-317DKontuar Açık
PC/PGT 201929.09.2020PEGASUSPEGASUSİst-Sabiha Gökçen19:15320-324DKontuar Açık
TK/THY 242129.09.2020TURKISH AIRLINESTURKISH AIRLINESİstanbul Havalimanı20:00303-308DKontuar Açık
PC/PGT 202129.09.2020PEGASUSPEGASUSİst-Sabiha Gökçen21:05326-330D
TK/THY 754129.09.2020TURKISH AIRLINESTURKISH AIRLINESİst-Sabiha Gökçen21:10302-307DKontuar Açık
PC/PGT 202329.09.2020PEGASUSPEGASUSİst-Sabiha Gökçen22:05320-324D
PC/PGT 202529.09.2020PEGASUSPEGASUSİst-Sabiha Gökçen23:05326-330D

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