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Safety Management System

Safety Management System (SMS)

One of the most essential purposes of civil aviation organizations is to eliminate or minimize the risks arising out of their activities. In civil aviation system, aircraft manufacturers, air carriers, aircraft maintenance organizations, airport operators, terminal operators, ground handlers, fuel suppliers and catering companies are the most important actors. It is known that aviation safety can be ensured with cooperation and prudent approach of all the stakeholders and awareness of the employees.

Safety Management System is a management system that allows safety hazards arising out of our activities to be defined, risk assessment to be performed and allows such risks to be reduced to acceptable levels through implementation of the necessary actions of mitigation and the safety performance to be constantly monitored and improved (DGCA/SMM/ 6.5). 

The Organization has prepared the SMS manual within the scope of these definitions, appointed the relevant Managers and created the Working Committees and received their training.

Reference documents relating to SMS are explained in details in Safety Management Manual 9859-AN/474 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and Annex-19 that entered into force in 2013 explains SMS requirements in details. Moreover, the Civil Aviation Regulations published by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (CAR-SMS) and Civil Aviation Directive (CAD SMS/HAD) should also be used.

NOTIFICATIONS is the most effective way to improve this defined system and prevent accidents. Know that your notification today can prevent a possible accident. Please take your responsibility for reporting without leaving it to anyone else.


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